We have found vaccination compliance to be one of the biggest pain points for everyone involved in the locum process. How can we make it easier for both the doctor and the hospital? An easy solution is to complete this vaccination record card for locum doctor.

It seems that every state and territory in Australia have ever so slightly different requirements when it comes to vaccination compliance, however, there is a baseline that everyone needs. 

If you have already been working in Australia, chances are that you have everything we need. The issue we keep running into (which makes the hospitals very unhappy) is having the correct evidence to support it. 

The Vaccination record card for locum doctor instructions

Below is from the NSW Government “Vaccination Record Card for Health Care Workers and Students”. This table gives clear instructions of the vaccination or serology evidence needed at a base level to work. Here at Blugibbon, we have incorporated this information into our registration pack.

Vaccination record card for locum doctor

It is so very important to provide evidence to support the above. You might already have this in a box stuffed under your bed, but if not, you can take the vaccination card to your GP and get it officially certified.

Vaccination Record Card for locum

Having all this sorted from the get-go will prevent us from asking you to do any last-minute serology, or having to go digging through old paperwork you haven’t looked at in years. 

Download the Vaccination record card for locum doctor and start completing it.

And to learn more about covid-19 vaccination for locum doctor, have a read.

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