The locum “market” in Australia is buoyant, no huge revelation there. In fact the demand of locum jobs has been that way for at least the last 15 years.

Top In Demand Locums Jobs

But locum doctors come in many shapes and sizes, and specialities of course.

Here at Blugibbon we love our data, so we got our calculators and spreadsheets out and summarised the busiest specialties and levels of doctors requested by hospitals across Australia.

Here are the top 20 in demand locum jobs so far in 2021:

  1. Emergency Medicine Registrar (aka ED Reg) 35% of all locum jobs, 3 times as much as the next most job role in demand!
  2. General Practitioner Visiting Medical Officer (aka GP VMO / GP ED)
  3. Emergency Medicine Consultant (aka FACEM)
  4. Medical Registrar (aka Med Reg)
  5. Emergency Medicine Resident Medical Officer (aka ED JMO / ED RMO)
  6. Intensive Care Unit Registrar (aka ICU Reg)
  7. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar (aka O&G Reg)
  8. General Medicine Resident Medical Officer (aka Gen Med JMO / Gen Med RMO)
  9. General Surgical Registrar (aka Surg Reg)
  10. Rehabilitation Registrar (aka Rehab Reg)
  11. General Practitioner Anaesthetics (aka GP Anaesthetist)
  12. General Practitioner Obstetrics (aka GP Obstetrician)
  13. Intensive Care Unit Consultant (aka ICU Consultant / Intensivist)
  14. Anaesthetist
  15. Paediatric Registrar (aka Paeds Reg)
  16. Psychiatrist
  17. Psychiatry Registrar (aka Psych Reg)
  18. Paediatrician
  19. Surgery Resident Medical Officer (aka Surg RMO)
  20. General Medicine Consultant
  21. Gastroenterologist
  22. Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
  23. Rehabilitation Resident Medical Officer (aka Rehab RMO)
  24. Neurologist
  25. General Surgeon

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