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It would be misleading to sell locum work as a “holiday”, we understand that you are there to work and provide great care first and foremost.

However, you do get time off of course and diving is one of our locum doctors’ most talked about hobbies. Here are our top location tips for Australian doctors that love to dive!

Broughton Island, Nelson Bay NSW

Created by a crack or arch in the rock, a V-shape crevice has become home to a community of lively marine life.

Grey nurse sharks are a given, and don’t be alarmed by the mass of bream that will greet you as you enter the ocean.


Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth WA

The World Heritage Site sits in the East Indian Ocean and is rare in that it is so close to the mainland off Exmouth.

Expect to see an abundance of whale sharks, dolphins, dugongs, manta rays and turtles.



Julian Rocks, Byron Bay NSW

Everyone knows Byron Bay, home of Chris Hemsworth, but did you know that 1000 species of marine life can be found just off its coast?

The exclusive rocks have their own names, Julia and Juan, a 2.5km distance from Byron’s main beach, and they are heavily managed to ensure only three diving operators can access them.

Do not be surprised if you get close to sharks including grey nurse, leopard and wobbegongs as well as a handful of sea turtle species.


SS Yongala Wreck, Townsville QLD

In 1911 a cyclone sank the Steam Ship Yongala in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Despite it being a tragic event, the long-term outcome has been a spectacular dive site.

If you are there at the right time of year you may catch the sights and sounds of Humpback Whales. All year round you will be treated to share the space with bull sharks, spotted eagle rays and guitar sharks.

HMAS Adelaide Wreck, Terrigal NSW

Having the dubious honour of being the largest naval ship to sink off the New South Wales coast, the wreck has created something stunning in its aftermath.

It seems even the Central Coast can claim exotic species of fish, such as angel fish, boxfish and lion fish, as well as white tip sharks thrown in for good measure.



If you are looking to locum in a diving hotspot through Blugibbon in 2021, get in touch with us today on [email protected] or 02 8960 6445.

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