Top Australian Wellbeing Apps for Doctors

You do not need to be a Doctor to appreciate burnout and mental health strain in Doctors.

And although there is increased talk around supporting healthcare workers further, it can be tricky to manage challenges on the go in a busy, relentless job, whether you are a locum doctor or full-timer.

This is where the humble smartphone comes in. The last few years have seen a number of apps and solutions developed to help Doctors in times.

Here are Blugibbon’s top 3 wellbeing apps for doctor to check out:

1. Shift by Black Dog Institute

Specifically targeted at Junior Doctors aka Junior Medical Officers in NSW, Shift was created with a huge amount of thought and care.

The Black Dog Institute joined forces with senior Doctors Medical Students, Interns, Resident Medical Officers, Registrars and Trainees to match their needs.

Wellbeing app for doctors

2. Karva Health

Melbourne-based “Migrapreneur” Atharva Gajendragadkar could not look past the 50% of Doctors that indicated fighting depression at some stage in their career. So he created Karva, and it is one of the best wellbeing apps for doctor.

Currently in testing and pilot mode, it aims to measure, manage and prevent burnout, so get to the link above if you are curious.

Karva Mental Health Doctors

3. Treat

Described as “An app designed to help you find calm, clarity and balance during your busy working day”.

This solution focussed on mindfulness and meditation, has been developed by a hospital health service itself, Alfred Health in Melbourne.

treat wellbeing app for doctor

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