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Although it may just seem like as a locum agency we provide a job and not much else, we are pleased to report that sometimes we get to use the consultative side of our brain when asked the deeper questions by doctors: Today we will discuss the top areas to upskill for doctors in 2021.

One of our locum doctors this week has found themselves in a position where they have a couple of days of week to upskill in areas that may be useful in the future. And they asked me what I thought they should do.

They happen to be a Locum General Practitioner (GP) and although put on the spot. I reeled off some ideas that in turn I thought could be useful for others.

Areas to Upskill for doctors in 2021

Check out my top recommendations for the areas to upskill for doctors in 2021

  • Respiratory Medicine – prompted of course by COVID. And what will now be an even bigger focus on any future virus outbreaks.
  • Public Health – again, COVID-led, there is an increasing number of clinical and advisory locum jobs in this space from Government agencies and other groups.
  • Chronic Disease / Diabetes – where is this not an epidemic? Always a useful area of medicine to be at the forefront of.
  • Mental Health / Psychiatry / Psychology – an obvious one but an important one. Any extra mental health training you can do will leave you in a stronger position to care for patients ongoing.
  • Digital Health – with the advancement of health technology in both the private and public space, being savvy and ahead of the game with a range of products, services and programs is vital.

Here is a suggestion of good training for GP

top areas to study as a locum doctor in 2021

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