Those long, relentless shifts as a locum Med Reg are taxing, we get it, mentally and physically.

And although we cannot take that struggle away, we reckon some humour and humanity may get you through.

Check out our tips for Instagram accounts to follow that embody all things Medical Registrar!

Med Reg Mania

“Just a Med reg against the world and the wards”.

With a tagline like that you know you are in for some entertainment!


Just Med Reg Things


“Just a medical registrar, standing on a ward, hoping for somebody to save him”.

Poor guy, perhaps some engagement on his account will cheer him up!

Medical Registrar Meals


“12 hour shift. Back to back referrals. MET page in hand. Full moon. Probably should eat something”.

Check out this never-ending collage of the food-stuffs Medical Registrars eat on shift.


Doctor Becc


An inspiring, uplifting and real look at a Medical Registrar’s day (and sometimes life!).

Mediocre Medical Registrar


“Just a junior doctor trying to find creativity in sterility”.

Visual person? You’ll love these creations, animations and art.

mediocre medreg

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