On top of all the chaos of being a Medical Registrar, we get that you may not have much “leisure time”. But here is a short selection of Med Reg content, you may be interested in.

So we think you may need a mental escape on your breaks or some bedtime reading, check out some publications (blogs, books and otherwise!)

First Med Reg content: a book

The Med Reg: How to be a Proficient UK Medical Registrar in 2020

By Dr Rory Chan

“Being the medical registrar on call is often cited as the main reason trainee doctors choose not to pursue a career in hospital medicine…”

So congratulations if you did choose to become a Med Reg!

The updated version of the highly popular original book, we are (almost) certain that Medical Registrars in Australia will find it useful too.

The Med Reg Book

A Blog

Ward Stories (from Beauty Within Medicine)

by Dr Lucy Desmond

Feeling warm and fuzzy? Or do you NEED to feel warm and fuzzy? So another great Med Reg content could be this blog.

It was founded and authored by an Australian Junior Doctor from Melbourne. So get your cup of tea and tissues at the ready. And expect to feel a little bit better about the medical world after reading.

Ward Stories Med Reg

A Facebook Page

The Medical Registrar

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can bleep… The Medical Registrar”.

Before anything else those guys are legends, they’ve got over 101,000 followers (likely 99% Med Reg).

In other words you just need to sit back and scroll to your heart’s content for the memes, the LOLs and an alternative take on sector news and happenings.

The Medical Registrar Facebook Page

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