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Providing locum jobs in hospitals and medical centres is our bread and butter.

We love it and we are pretty handy at it too.

But “the times they are a changin”, and we always have one eye on doctor jobs that we call the weird and the wonderful.

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This self-labeled sector can include jobs in telehealth, but not just for GPs, for Emergency Medicine Physicians, Psychiatrists and more, and can fall in sub-sectors of service.

These services can include:

(1) B2C (Business to Consumer) Telehealth Services

The “Ubers” of telehealth, platforms where Doctors sign-up and the platform also provides the ready to go patient demand.

(2) B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) Telehealth Services

A telehealth platform that sells their Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) product to a medical centre or medical centre group, that then in turn provides this to their Doctors to see their already-built and native patient base.

(3) Corporate / Government Services

This could be a large insurance company that has their own platform to offer services to their customers, or even a government entity with a public helpline service.

(4) Wildcard Services

By this term we mean external agencies may be contracted to provide a telehealth service for an existing public healthcare authority.

An example of the above “wildcard” is a project Blugibbon were honoured to take on when approached to physically house a telehealth clinic on their premises and then staff a night roster for the healthcare service.

Blugibbon rose to the challenge and carried this project off in style, gaining some incredible feedback from senior clinicians along the way:

“Dear all,


As before, can I again acknowledge the fantastic efforts and commitment of Sam and the Blugibbon team since the start of 2017. They were instrumental in establishing a night MO workforce and have presented some great clinicians to the service.

Many thanks and regards,

Dr FR”.

This positivity was backed up by a colleague:

“Hi guys,

Would like to echo my appreciation – a plan that was hatched during the Perth Royal Show in 2016 to get a night roster up and going.

Well done to all.

Dr YJ”.

Business to Consumer Telehealth ServicesAre you a Doctor interested in Telemedicine?

Daily in our work at Blugibbon we are asked about its power, potential and the ability to upskill in Telemedicine.

So this initiative is a must if you are eager to learn more.

An interactive 2 day Telemedicine training program 1 and 2 August facilitated and delivered by true experts in the field including Dr Amandeep Hansra, Dr Benson Riddle, Dr Nelson Lau, Dr Joanna Sharp, Tahnee Clark and Dr Annie Banbury.

Find out more at the link below:

To discuss your next telehealth job or project get in touch with Blugibbon today.

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