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Blugibbon Bites with Dr George Rubin

Professor George Rubin is a resilient soul. One of Blugibbon’s valued locum doctors, he is the son of parents that fled Europe after the Holocaust, although he admits you would not guess it by his accent now.

Epidemiologist Dr George Rubin working in Atlanta, Bangledesh and Sydney

George was recently working with South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, getting ready to retire and travel when our GP Consultant Stuart Gates approached him. After reading his LinkedIn profile, Stuart reached out with a job offer he could not refuse for a truly exclusive high-profile contract (which is ongoing).

With a public health background George, he is most proud of his work with the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, which led to getting a Green Card and leading a highly competitive research team that conducted ground-breaking work.

Whilst training in Atlanta, to be an epidemiologist, he could be called at any time to be ready to travel worldwide to tackle a disease outbreak or other health problems.

Not long later this led to working for the Ford Foundation in Bangladesh where he was in a position to support programs to improve the health of women and children, a memory he cherishes.

After  returning to Sydney, he was instrumental in setting up a state infrastructure for epidemiology and public health which is still used by NSW Health today (particularly important right now during COVID-19).

Central to his beliefs is that health is a right and all citizens deserve access to good health care, not just those that can afford it.

A keen jogger, photographer and gardener, he is currently watching Top of the Lake on SBS on ABC IView and on Netflix, he is hooked on Babylon Berlin.

George is known to take amazing location photographs. I suppose being a locum Doctor in Sydney, he has so many outdoor spaces to choose from to capture.

Sydney Locum Doctor, and avid photographer Professor George Rubin

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