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Telehealth and telemedicine are the buzzwords of healthcare in 2020.

COVID-19 may have accelerated this interest 100-fold but in the world of mental health care, Psychiatrists have been using telehealth far longer than most of their colleagues in other specialties.

Now the horse has truly bolted, she is not going back.

So for our Psychiatry Doctors out there, we suspect you may become even more familiar with platforms to facilitate these consults.

Psychiatry Telehealth with Blugibbon

Here are our 5 suggestions to check out:

Call to Mind
Founded by Melbourne Psychiatrists in 2017, it is now led by Dr Dave Carmody. It not only provides the platform to conduct consults but also has patient demand to refer to you.

Conduit Health
Now six years old, Dr Gregory Sam’s creation was the first bulk-billing Psychiatry telehealth service in Australia.

A spin-off from the successful sister organisation GP2U, PSYCH2U is backed by health insurance heavyweights HCF and has delivered telehealth services for Doctors since 2011.

Although it does not provide a patient-base, COVIU is arguably the gold standard when it comes to providing a platform for Doctors to see their existing patient-base. Originally funded by CSIRO, its growth and reputation are rising rapidly.

Like COVIU, Healthsite is ideal if you already have patients that are ready to be seen. Simple to set up, you could be doing psychiatry consults in a matter of minutes!

Blugibbon are known for helping locum Doctors find jobs.

We also have permanent jobs in the field of Psychiatry and we have access to the best Doctor jobs Australia has to offer.

If you want to discuss all things telehealth and how the rise of health tech will affect doctor jobs across Australia, get in touch with us on [email protected] or 02 8960 6445.

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