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I am probably not the best person to write a blog on study tips considering I am Queen procrastinator and I usually find myself rushing to get assignments submitted on time. I can however give you some tips to ensure you do not become a Queen procrastinator or King, I know they are out there too.

Let’s be honest a full-time job is hard enough, who wants to spend their evenings/ weekends doing assignments and writing 2000 words essays, yawn! But, unfortunately plagiarism is illegal and so is paying someone to do your work.

So here are some tips that can hopefully help you (I am taking these down too).

Be organised – Keep a diary, ensure you have all your assessment and exam dates listed, set reminders ahead of time for when things are due so the weeks do not sneak up on you.

Prioritise – You would think this would be common sense but not so much in my world. Ensure you prioritise your workload and assessments accordingly.

Study roster – Set aside some time each day allocated to your studies, eventually this will become a natural habit and you will not have to constantly force yourself (I am still waiting for this natural occurrence to happen).

De-stress – After a stressful or long day at work, study on top can be daunting. It is important to de-stress and let off some tension. Find something that helps to relieve your stress. I like to go for a walk or workout, once I am finished I feel much better and have more energy to focus on study. Or you may prefer a sneaky glass of wine, this works too

Stay healthy – I think we can all agree that when you eat well and exercise you feel great inside and out. Keeping healthy will not only impact on your overall health it will contribute to your mental health too. Stay hydrated, avoid processed foods and load up on greens and protein. It is important to look after your body to avoid burning out and getting sick.

Get plenty of sleep – Easier said than done, however getting into a routine is a great start. Aim for 8 hours per night, not always achievable. I know when I have a decent sleep I operate 100 times more efficiently than running off a few. If you’re finding it hard to get to sleep try making a playlist of some soothing music, I find this helps me when I’m feeling a little stressed.

Well there you have it guys, I hope these tips can help you. If you have any interesting tips you would like to share please let us know.


Jasmine Barry – [email protected]

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