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Being the “best” at anything is subjective of course, but at Blugibbon we think we are fairly good with persuasion, so here goes our crack at reasons we are the best choice of locum agency in Australia!:

1. 100% 5-Star Google Ratings – check them out for yourself and Google us!

2. Exclusive locum jobs that no other agency on the planet has access to.

3. A three-person-strong Compliance team to help with all that pesky paperwork.

4. A personal touch that is second to none – just wait till your birthday comes round.

5. We come to you – airport, cafe, house, campervan, you name it, we will come to meet you and shout a bite and a brew.

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6. Locum jobs outside the clinic or hospital in Health-tech, events, government and more.

7. A unique rewards program involving a monthly “Spin The Wheel” game giving out lucrative prizes.

8. Consultants that will block out days of time to dedicate to you and the pursuit of finding that perfect locum job.

9. Our scrubs are certified one of the most desired items in any hospital department – lucky you gets a pair or two!

10. A thriving culture that sets us apart from every other locum recruitment agency in the world. Our social network is truly fantastic. Have you been to a Frothy Friday yet?

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PsychJobs by Blugibbon.

At Blugibbon we have been known traditionally to specialise in Emergency Medicine and General Practice Locums, as well as the “weird and wonderful” opportunities that attract Doctors from all specialties.

One area we feel particularly strong about professionally and personally is mental health.

Therefore we are pleased to announce the launch of PsychJobs by Blugibbon, a new, dedicated division to provide Psychiatry and other mental health jobs across Australia & beyond, delivered in our own personal, unique way and with an abundance of exclusive opportunities away from the norm.

Find out more by getting in touch with Terry Cornick on 02 8960 6445 or [email protected] today.

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Psychiatry and mental health division Psych Jobs BlugibbonLooking for locum jobs in Australia, test our thesis and get in touch with Blugibbon today.
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