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Interview with Dr Greta Geninson and Dr Max Allin

Welcome to the next edition of “Blugibbon Bites”, a series chatting with some of our regular locum Doctors, delving beyond the clinical façade and showcasing the human behind the stethoscope.

Up this week are two of our finest, Dr Greta  Geninson and her fiance Dr Max Allin, both Emergency Registrars.

Locum Doctor Adventurers Dr Greta Geninson and Dr Max Allin

Greta hails from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and Max is originally from Wales. He wanted to try something new for a year and headed first to Port Macquarie, soon deciding after meeting Greta he was staying for good!

Last year they headed off for an unforgettable trip across Australia, working as locum doctors through Blugibbon as they travelled (our Founder Sam even went to christen their camper with a bottle of champagne the day they left).

When asked what their most memorable adventure has been so far, Greta is certain, Kununurra in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

This was closely followed by an experience on Christmas Eve in Lismore after a serious trauma presentation, the first ever they had led with no Consultant support and to top it all, they did it together (usually they did not work the same shifts).

Max well and truly caught the travel bug since leaving the UK, but there was one big experience they have had to postpone, first due to the Bushfires and then due to COVID-19 – their wedding.

At the start of the pandemic they posted a picture on social media of them working acknowledging they were missing their wedding (again) but for everyone to remain safe.

Emergency Registrars Dr Greta Geninson and Dr Max Allin

Unexpectedly, the post and their story went viral worldwide, with media outlets even interviewing them.

Although the postponement was a setback, they took it on the chin and being upbeat, positive people, they certainly have a bright future ahead.

Often our Locums are putting others first and this continues when they are off the wards. Both Max and Greta are involved in some amazing charities and doing their bit when they can, when they aren’t busy being Emergency Locum Registrars.

Max is doing the half marathon here in Sydney in November for UNICEF Australia and Greta has just completed a 50K in May to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis

Find Max and Greta on LinkedIn.Charity Marathon Runners Dr Greta Geninson and Dr Max Allin

If you have a partner in crime you plan to take off with across the country, or you just fancy a locum adventure solo, get in touch with Blugibbon today and we will guarantee to make it happen.

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