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One of the more curiously-named NSW regional towns, Wagga Wagga also happens to be a hotspot for locum doctors.

As you know by now, Blugibbon likes to give you the real story and experiences about locations and the departments they work in from our locum doctor’s mouths.

Locum Doctor, over to you!

The Department

There is a well-thought-out approach to the running of this Emergency Department, and I can definitely describe it as pleasant.

It is well supported by inpatient teams and staff that communicate to a high standard. I was grateful to have an Intern that was assigned to work alongside me and take care of all administrative and paperwork duties, allowing me to focus on what we love to do, make clinical decisions, the best part of medicine.

Generally the medicine was interesting and I was struck by young the patient cohort was, given Wagga is a town with a predominantly elderly population. There were an array of presentations from young men that were injured in either farming or hunting escapades.

The Location

Given the current COVID situation, my travel experience this time was by road, rather than flight, and I certainly can attest that travelling by road is the the best way to discover the vast and beautiful landscapes of Australia.

Although I did not get much time for stopping and exploring on this occasion, I did enjoy taking in the landscape change from rugged sea side, mountainous area, sprawling city and finally endless undulating hills of agriculture.

I wonder if Willy Wonka lives in and around Wagga Wagga? There are some amazing Licorice, Chocolate and Cheese factories you have to check out while in town.

Let’s start off with Cheese first.

Have you ever fancied doing a home Cheese maker workshop?
You can attend a workshop taught by skilled artisans at a place called Coolamon Cheese Factory not far from Wagga Wagga – https://www.coolamoncheese.com.au/pages/workshops

After your cheese fix, there’s a Chocolate and Licorice factory combo that’s worth a visit. It’s called Junee Licorice and Chocolate. Does what it says on the tin.   https://www.juneelicoriceandchocolate.com/

If you have eaten your body weight in Cheese or Chocolate don’t worry there’s a 42km walking tracked called ‘Wiradjuri walking trail’  perfect for a walk, cycle or jog, depending on how much chocolate your burning off.

There is a really cool place to stay called Belisi Farm Stay Cottages. It’s a Wellbeing and Equestrian Centre. This place is an experience and highly recommended. https://www.belisi.com.au/

On my way out of Wagga, I had the luxury of stopping over in the Blue Mountains, Lorne provided a excellent base from which to fit in a couple of days of hiking, and window shopping in the quaint mountain towns.

Here at Blugibbon we understand that 2020 has been a challenge for most Locum Doctors here in Australia, but you can still locum and travel!

If you are interested in doing some Locum work in 2021 and like the sound of Wagga Wagga, get in touch with us today on [email protected] or 02 8960 6445.

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