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Our locum doctor in Port Macquarie Dr Christopher shared with us his experience. He also headed to Kempsey for us!

September 2021, Update with our local doctor Dale.

What is the team like?

The local hospital is Port Macquarie Base Hospital NSW. It is an incredibly friendly and welcoming place. There are a fair few locum doctors so you get used to seeing new faces around.

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I worked “fast track” which is mostly Category Four and Five presentations., so you work almost in an urgent after-hours GP job position.

The Nurses were helpful and confident and the main ED Doctors were always available for advice.

Tell us about the setup of the hospital and support?

There is good support in both Port Macquarie and Kempsey, but services can be a little limited at nights and weekends in Kempsey.

There were only “follow up” visits at hospital clinics so everything is done privately through the GP.

The hospital is well equipped, with an ED Registrar available after-hours for emergencies and opinion and an ED Consultant is always present

What Does the travel and accommodation look like for a locum doctor in Port Macquarie?

The drive from Sydney is about four and half hours, which is easy.

I settled in well and the accommodation at Flynn’s Beach was awesome. The drive to Kempsey is a decent way from Port Macquarie and is definitely more rural, but fun nonetheless.

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The process was quick and easy. On arrival as a locum doctor I recommend finding Mandy or Julie as soon as possible, they are so friendly and incredibly helpful.

The ED (Emergency Department) Administration Staff Manager (Jodie) knows almost everyone and can help with lots of things.

This process was done effortlessly. The accommodation was located close to the hospital and the town centre.

Town amenities? Shops, coffee tips for a locum doctor in Port Macquarie?

Loads! Overall it is a really fun town, with lots of good coffee. Cafe’s include Bandwagon coffee and Peak Coffee and I would check out Bago Maze and Wine in Wauchope and Sandbox.

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The are quite a few nice spots such as the cafe on Flynn’s Beach and it is open early.

After 10pm there is not much open after that so get your food in early as no Uber Eats or Menulog available!

Any of the locals inside info? Best swimming spots? Lookouts? Bike/walk trails?

You have also really good surf spots around. While you are in Port Macquarie, definitely take a trip to Crescent Head, Hat Head, and South West Rocks. Famous for their surf beaches, crystal clear water and shark diving.

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There is a beautiful long walk all along the coastline and some great hikes, as well as a big dog beach.

Would you go back to Working as a Locum Doctor in Port Macquarie?

Yes! It is easy to get in and work, lots to do and it is on the coast.

I would definitely go back. The work was not too challenging and the location enjoyable.

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