Locum Location:

Kalgoorlie, WA.

Hospital Name:

Kalgoorlie Health Campus, WA.

Kalgoorlie Health Campus

How did you settle in? Any hot tips for new arrivals?

I found the nursing staff very adept at guiding me to where they needed me. It can be quite hectic as they have rotating residents which makes things interesting.

How was the travel, logistics and accommodation?

The flight was direct from Perth and the rental car was arranged for me. A big, incredibly well-stocked IGA sits between the Hospital and the accommodation.

The accommodation was a lovely two-bed home, 300m down the street from the Hospital. It was clean, contained an outside area for relaxing and had a fully stocked kitchen, as well as being equipped with functioning WIFI and TV.

Living in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

What is the team like?

The team was friendly, it was easy to slot into an in-charge role despite not knowing the department. Charge nurses here are knowledgeable and clearly accustomed to directing locums to where they are most needed.

And the hospital setup? Services, facilities, other Specialist support?

The ED is well equipped with two resus bays, a number of acute bays, consult bays and fast track area.

The FACEM also helps out with critical care needs in the HDU, this is a shared care model where the other inpatient teams also participate.

There were a couple of high-adrenaline moments with patients whilst I was awaiting RFDS to transfer to tertiary care and some intense touch and go trauma. The response was excellent for a regional center and I even had an anesthetist and an orthopedic surgeon to assist.

I must add the computer system here is challenging, there are several different systems that do not always talk to each other, which is not uncommon.

Best town amenities, shops, cafes? Share with us your favourites.

Sadly my visit to this area was fleeting but I will most certainly extend for some extra exploration next time.

The Beaten Track brewery is a funky little space for a refreshing brew and burger.

Any local inside information we should know about? Best swimming spots, looks or trails?

My top pick was Karlkurla Bushland Park for a peri-work walk and run. There is something magical about a bright red sunset over the outback bush.

Sunset at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Would you go back? If so, why? Would you recommend the location?

I would definitely go back. I love the excitement and forced innovation that comes from resource-constrained rural medicine!

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