By Dr Lakshmi

Locum Location:

Broken Hill, NSW.

Health Service Name:

Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation, Broken Hill NSW.

How did you settle in? Any hot tips for new arrivals?

Comfortably settled in! The clinic does a good orientation for all newcomers, and luckily the place is small so pretty easy to navigate.

I even got an orientation to some of the software in the GP space too which was incredibly helpful, despite not going as a Locum GP and being involved in vaccinations.

How was the travel, logistics and accommodation?

Travel is a three-hour flight from Sydney, with options of a scenic train ride or drive if that is more your thing.

Logistics were simple, all locum doctors are given a Maari Ma vehicle to use during their visit.

However, most locums are provided accommodation and the clinic is in town so you will not need to drive much (except for groceries) if you do not want to.

Accommodation is comfortable, at one of a number of houses owned by the clinic. I was even left a kind hamper of basic food items on my arrival to help me settle in!

What is the team like?

One of the most supportive teams I have worked with. All the staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at home.

And the health service setup? Services, facilities, other Specialist support?

When I was there the clinic was split into three sections due to the COVID pandemic.

There was the main GP clinic, as well as a respiratory swabbing centre (with rapid PCR testing onsite) and a COVID vaccination clinic. All three buildings were right next to each other.

Normally the clinic has visiting specialists on a regular basis, and extensive chronic care support including allied health and a dental clinic.

The healthcare Maari Ma manages to provide to its clientele is almost second to none – they go above and beyond for everyone.

Best town amenities, shops, cafes? Share with us your favourites.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Silly Goat – great coffee and right next door to the clinic
  • The Deli – excellent pastries
  • Rags – Chippies! (get the chicken salt)
  • Bell’s Milk Bar – quirky old time milk bar with syrupy milkshakes and toasties, an absolute blast from the past

Any local inside information we should know about? Best swimming spots, looks or trails?

Broken Hill is a regional dream in terms of places to visit. Museums and art galleries abound in town and I can recommend them all.

For an easy post-work activity I recommend visiting the Living Sculptures or Line of Lode – both provide great sunsets, the former of the outback and the latter of the town.

Sunset at Broken Hill, NSW

If you are up for a drive and have a day, you cannot miss Menindee which is teeming with wildlife (and the lakes are at 100% capacity right now!), or Silverton which has really nice pubs and some more museums (Mad Max) and art galleries to check out.

Would you go back? If so, why? Would you recommend the location?

100% I would be happy to return.

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