Abi and Jack have been Blugibbon locum doctors for some time and are one of several couples that work through us and set off together on adventures across Australia.

Locum doctor couple Abi and Jack

Blugibbon’s Managing Director Sam Whitaker recently went deeper on their experience and found out more for our readers to enjoy.

Where did it all begin?

Well of course Abi and Jack met at work, four years ago back in the UK in their F1 Year (Foundation One), a close friend introducing them.

With two years in Australia under their belt, they reflected on their locum adventures.

Working together can have some huge benefits such as matching shifts where possible so they can go on day trips and travel outside of work.

Locum doctor couple Abi and Jack

In some hospitals, this has been easy, in others a little trickier.

Of course, accommodation can be easier to arrange for medical admin too.

The couple has even worked on tricky presentations together and even intense resuscitations, something you suspect would bring you closer together.

There are some drawbacks however, the most prominent being that old-school mindsets still exist in medicine, such as people assuming Jack is a Doctor and Abi is a Nurse, meaning that they can be treated slightly differently initially. This is something that can be quickly yet politely corrected but is nonetheless frustrating.

An ideal locum site for the couple is usually one that provides comfortable accommodation, and both remember Coffs Harbour in New South Wales being outstanding!

Locum accomodations

Their tips included getting a budget per person and a two-bedroom unit if their shifts aren’t matched to enable sleeping in peace.

Despite being effectively “temporary” locum doctors, social connection while on assignment is important to both.

One of the challenges for all locum doctors can be paperwork, compliance and credentialing.

Abi and Jack tackled this separately and then attended a Justice of the Peace to sign everything off (a reminder Blugibbon has its own JP in house too!).

The best memory of their locum adventure came when heading from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales to Darwin in the Northern Territory.

A standout experience was the Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive experience of locums in Australia, Abi and Jack would probably have spent longer in some locations, such as Coffs Harbour and Launceston, and avoided the wet season in Darwin (it got very sticky!).

Are you a couple keen to set off across this great land as a locum doctor?

Get in touch with the Blugibbon team on 02 8960 6445 or email [email protected] 

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