“Recruiting world class doctors across Australia”

If there is one fact that we are sure of here at Blugibbon, it is that rural and remote areas need a consistent supply of locum GPs.

And one area that we have a deep personal connection to is Indigenous Health.

Indigenous GP Health Jobs

Our GP team have been recruiting locum GPs for Aboriginal Medical Services and Indigenous Health Services for several years, over that time mapping out and developing relationships across the country.

But the services face their challenges, most notably attracting GP’s to relocate longer-term to largely remote yet beautiful locations, and then persuade them to commit to the community.

The demand for GPs that have a special infinity, skills and experience in Indigenous Health is always strong – locum, permanent or otherwise.

Aboriginal Health JobsThese particular Doctors generally will revisit communities a handful of times a year for two-to-four week blocks and never forget their experience.

Locations Blugibbon provide these opportunities can include inland regional New South Wales, a relatively leisurely drive out to the country for Sydneysiders, to coastal Western Australia, with one practice’s window overlooking the Indian Ocean, to the most remote part of the Northern Territory, often requiring multiple legs of a journey via commercial flight, four-wheel drive, tiny four-seater charter planes and even boat!

Since COVID-19 we have clearly seen a temporary drop in demand, as communities closed off to protect from potential transmission, yet we have noted in recent weeks an increase in activity as services have started to reach out to us again to secure locum GPs for the latter half of the year.

If you have a desire to secure an Indigenous Health locum in 2020, get in touch with Blugibbon’s locum GP team today.

We have locum GP jobs all over Australia.

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