“Recruiting world class doctors across Australia”

After over 5 years of working in a medical recruitment support role in Australia, the most common question I am asked is, “But I have already worked in the state / region / x, y, z hospital before. Surely you have access to my paperwork?”

The simple answer is no; unfortunately there is no national credentialing scheme. Every state, region and even hospitals within the same region can have different paperwork requirements.
If you are working full time as a locum, chances are you are registered with a couple of different locum agencies. Each agency is obliged to conduct their own compliance checks and to work with NSW Health, agencies are audited annually on doctor compliance.

Therefore, if you are working with different agencies, chances are you will have to send the same paperwork to different people.

If you fancy the life of a full-time locum here are my hot tips to make compliance whilst travelling easy:

  1. Have all your documents saved on a USB / folder / somewhere you can access them remotely. This includes qualifications, indemnity, 100 points of ID, passport / visa details, National Police Check, WWCC’s & vaccination evidence.
  2. Take multiple certified copies with you – many hospitals require certified copies of qualifications and ID but this is the main thing that agencies are audited on by NSW Health. We must have original certified copies on file. You will probably be asked to send these to each agency you register with so if you are planning to register with a new agency whilst on the road, I recommend getting a few copies certified and taking these with you (assuming you do not want to carry your certificates around with you). Documents can be certified by a number of professions including fellow doctors, nurses, police officers or a Justice of the Peace.
  3. Hold a current National Police Check. These are accepted across Australia and are generally valid for 3 years. Some hospitals however do have policies that require more recent checks. There are a number of websites that provide police checks and some can now be done completely online and often issued within a few business days.
  4. Working With Children Checks (WWCC) – unfortunately there is no national clearance so each state has a different WWCC with different application costs, methods and different validities. If you are travelling across states, I recommend doing this as and when needed depending on where you work. Remember you may need to provide certified ID during the application process.

If you are interested in locumming full-time, please get in touch and join the Blugibbon family. Let us show you the level of service a locum agency should offer.

And do not forget, Terry is a Justice of the Peace so if you are in Sydney please pop in for a coffee and we can certify your documents and register you on the spot.

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