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Blugibbon does a healthy amount of locum work in rural and remote medicine, and Dr Erika Nishimoto is a guru when it comes to this realm.

Dr Erika Nishimoto, from emergency medicine to motorsports medicineErika has known Blugibbon’s founder Sam for over a decade, and no matter how far they have been apart or time apart in communication, they have always ended up working together again!

Erika has travelled the world with her medical career, originally in Australia but also working in Singapore, the UK and back to Australia, in emergency medicine, general practice and even administrative-type roles for a corporate medical services provider. This role saw her heavily involved in the tragic Bali bombings response.

Always looking for variety she is now working as a locum ongoing through Blugibbon in a rural NSW town, and admits she thrives on practising in challenging environments.

Teaching is also one of her passions, ensuring she can pass on her learnings and guide junior doctors, nurses and even her patients.

Skilled in aviation medicine and even Telehealth, Erika says if she has the time in future she would love to explore upskilling in tropical medicine.

Dr Erika Nishimoto, emergency medicine doctor

It is difficult to choose one particular experience that has been her most memorable, but Erika speaks fondly of her work as a Doctor in Australian Motor Sport. 

Working on the Phillip Island Motorbike Grand Prix and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, meeting and looking after the likes of Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard. This interest for motorsport may soon rub off on her daughter, as she has now discovered a passion for go-karting!

Erika also loves to play the Piano. Music is an important way for her to relax.

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