At conferences and events around the world Blugibbon has a name for itself as THE booth to be seen at.

Dressed as lifeguards in Dublin – SMACC DUBLIN 2016

Home for the week was the The Convention Centre Dublin (an amazing building), right on the River Liffey.

The European Championships were on at the same and breaks to catch the score were super fun (depending on the score!). The Blugibbon crew wore lifesaver outfits emblazoned with “Life Saver – Jobs Down Under”.

The first response was an angry emergency director from the North Manchester Trust (NHS). His frustration was fueled to his belief that we were purely trying to encourage medical practitioners to exit Britain!

Our Founder Sam Whitaker calmly explained (in his life saving costume) Blugibbon is in Ireland to talk to directors about UK doctors working down under who want to return to the UK.

Sam and the director quickly formed a bond over a pint of Guinness and put plans in motion to help get senior registrars in A&E to his department in Manchester.

VW Komi’s in Berlin with inflatable crocs – DAS SMACC 2017

Blugibbon Founder Sam drove to Germany from Manchester, UK with his devoted wife and 6 month-old daughter. The car was packed with speakers, cots, baby sterilizers and inflatable Australian Wildlife!

The team played a game with the delegates to take the most creative selfie with our Aussie wildlife that were stuffed inside our home for the week – a 1970’s VW Kombi parked at the Opera house of Berlin.

A super event and an even better Gala dinner followed, with the library transformed into a German rave!

Rooftop games in the brand new ICC Sydney – SMACC 2019

The final SMACC showdown went out with a bang! The Blugibbon team had the whole bar playing air hockey, ping pong and foosball.
To top off the games at the #healthylocums bar we ended this massive event in the big top at Sydney Luna Park!

Rottnest Island Emergency Training – EDIT

There were quokkers and quacks everywhere! A treat event ran by one of Blugibbon’s finest Emergency Medicine Locums.

So with 2021 upon us, here is the VIP guest list of the events BLUGIBBON BACKS this year!

Blugibbon at CCIM
Pending date – CCIM 2021 – Brighton, NSW

Blugibbon at ASM
7th NOVEMBER 2021 – ACEM Annual scientific meeting, Christchurch, NZ
Blugibbon at ACRRM
20th OCTOBER 2021 – ACRRM, RMA – Perth, 2021
Blugibbon at Coda
Pending date – CODA – Melbourne, VIC

Blugibbon @ ACEM Winter
27th JULY 2021 – Winter ACEM Symposium – Cairns, QLD

Contact us today to get involved with the team at these events!  Let’s mingle, let’s build relationships and share experiences!  

So grateful to be able mingle again in 21′!