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We at Blugibbon are truly pumped to introduce to the world, “Blugibbon Bites”, our new series chatting with some of our regular locum Doctors, delving beyond the clinical façade and showcasing the human behind the stethoscope.

Dr Olivia Lesslar International Health Speaker

First up is Dr Olivia Lesslar, a Medical Doctor with a particular interest in preventative medicine jobs, including gut health and tackling medical challenges holistically.

Coming from a medico family, her father is a Holistic Vet and he has the incredible honour of being the first practitioner to treat race horses with acupuncture in Australia.

As with many stories of inspirational people, it can start or be sparked by tragedy and adversity, with her mother being diagnosed with cancer at just 42 years old and passing only three years later. During this period, Olivia reflected on the treatment options that were traditionally offered, or not offered, that could truly ease pain or offer hope for patients.

When she graduated in medicine in 2015 she soon realised the conventional pathway was not for her. She left the GP training pathway and instead studied voraciously, experimented with ideas, and ended up saying yes to every opportunity that came her way. Opportunities have ranged from a stint as a stand-up comedian and volunteering as a GC jet-ski doctor to fellowship with Deepak Chopra in NY, and writing a section on hyperthermia therapy in a book on adjunct cancer therapies published in 2019.

Far from leading to indecisiveness, saying “yes” a lot paved the way for her successes today.

Medical Director at Healthy Ambition Dr Olivia LesslarOlivia got to travel the world, speaking professionally on health in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Bangkok. She worked with the Neuroimmunology Associates of New York in 2019 and collaborated on neurodegenerative disease research with internationally-renowned neurologist Dr Jay Lombard. In London, Olivia joined forces with celebrity fitness guru and life coach, Scott Laidler, and together they own a nutrition and fitness website, as well as a UK top 100 podcast- The Healthy Ambition. She was offered a position with a celebrity concierge medical practice in Los Angeles where she still works remotely from Australia during COVID-19 and looks after their celebrity clients in Australia.

Refreshingly, that same attitude of openness persists today, as she welcomes communication from all medical professionals with questions, ideas or similar passions, to further the profession’s chances of improving preventative medicine.

And when she is not kept on her toes working in some weird and wonderful location, she is representing Blugibbon with interesting corporate health or skin cancer projects giving her all to treat and educate the public.  Check out our corporate skin cancer early detection at Greengibbon.global

Dr Oliva Lesslar Skin Cancer ProjectsDr Olivia is currently reopening her books in Australia and will be working part time from rooms in Pacific Private Hospital in Southport, working with Craig Thompson of Gold Coast Hyperthermia.

You can read more about Olivia on her website, or follow her on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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