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Welcome to the next edition of “Blugibbon Bites”, a series chatting with some of our locum Doctors, delving beyond the clinical facade and showcasing the human behind the stethoscope.

Up this week is Dr Jack Dascalu, a rural and remote clinician that has travelled and worked in GP locum jobs on some of the most remote locations on this earth (some of them with Blugibbon as a locum doctor!).

Joe caught up with Jack while he was in Auckland. Dr Jack Dascalu - loves to work remote gp locum jobs

Although originally from Romania, Jack started as an intern in Sydney at RPAH before crossing the ditch to work in New Zealand. Then he was back again to locum in the coal-mining hub Collinsville, Queensland, doing medical evacuations (Medevac) and being involved in everything generalist general practice including paediatrics, emergency and obstetrics.

Stints working for Queensland Health in Moranbah and Douglas as a GP and Medical Superintendent followed, and then a move to Cairns became permanent for over 20 years.

He is an avid lover of the outdoors and the Australian bush and adventure, so in 2010 decided to access the plethora of GP locum jobs that were available.

By 2016 a chance contact by one of our Consultants Terry saw him find our locum agency and then interview for a job on the second most remote island on earth, Pitcairn Island.
Jack was successful and ended up spending two years on the island!

Not content with the remoteness he then secured a role on Tristan Da Cunha, officially the most remote island on the planet.

Most remote island on the planet - Tristan Da Cunha

More recently our GP jobs guru Stuart secured him another stint back at Pitcairn Island, returning to the home of the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers!

Working remotely in Pitcairn Island

Despite all of these unique experiences one of his most memorable moments was saving a man’s life while a Junior Doctor, with the man being incredibly thankful.

He cites his biggest challenge as combining and balancing family life and career, having dedicated a huge amount of his life to medicine. Needless to say, he hopes to be a grandfather soon and is incredibly proud of his children, one of them that is currently on route to become a Paediatrician.

Jack finished our interview stating he loved Narcos on Netflix, is a big fan of the Rolling Stones and is partial to a political podcast when time allows!

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