What do you charge?
Blugibbon agrees a fee with the client before any CV’s are presented.Our service is free to all candidates. BG is 100% Australian privately owned and operated so we can be flexible around your needs.
Where do you work?
Everywhere! We have even placed a doctor on the most remote island in the world! Put us to the test!
How long does it take to register?
If you have your documents on file we can usually have you fully compliant by the time you drink your cup of coffee.
Where can I get documents certified?
Blugibbon HQ, we have a Justice of the Peace on site to make your life that little bit easier. Alternatively give the team a call to discuss other options.
Do you offer a referral program?
We sure do! We have just paid for a doctor to go deep sea fishing whilst on a locum, and previously offered fuel vouchers and dinner in the best restaurants across the country. We like to get to know you and what you like. If you spread the BG love then you’ll be rewarded.
How can you pay me?
Depending on where you work we can usually offer weekly payroll; as long as time sheets/invoices are in by midday Monday then the funds are in your account that Friday. Everyone’s personal situation is different and we promise to help you get paid the most tax-efficient way possible.
How do you store my documents?
Blugibbon is committed to protecting Medical Officers privacy and ascribes to the National Privacy Principles associated with the Commonwealth Privacy (Private Sector) Act 1988 as amended 14 September 2006 as well as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 25th May 2018
Are you accredited?
We are ISO 9001 fully accredited and we also follow the RCSA standard as a corporate member.
Can I choose my preferred airline?
Sure, We have a dedicated travel team to find the most efficient flight path for you and we always try and book with your preferred airline and rewards program.
Can I take my partner?
Sure, but the travel costs would not be covered by the client. Some hospitals only offer single accommodation too so please notify us straight away if you would like to travel with your loved ones.
Can I take my pets?
We never say never. This is usually limited by hospital accommodation however we currently have a Doctor travelling around Australia in a campervan with her partner and 2 dogs and doing locums for us en route.