Services for Doctors

Blugibbon is not just a healthcare recruitment agency. The jobs are the “easy” part. We strive to give maximum value in our services, including visa / immigration advice and assistance.

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (O&G) jobs

At Blugibbon we specialise in locum Obstetrician and Gynaecologist jobs.

GP locum jobs

If you are looking for an opportunity to be more on your terms, you could consider a GP locum job.

Emergency Medicine jobs

At Blugibbon we offer a range of Emergency Medicine locum jobs through our partnership network of public and private hospitals in Australia.

Psychiatry jobs

If you are looking to find your next Psychiatry job here in Australia, Blugibbon are here to help.

Experienced compliance and migration team for Doctors

We offer the service of an experienced compliance and migration team that our Doctors have access to.

For more information please visit our Doctor Services page.

Featured Clients

Blugibbon is fortunate to offer locum jobs across some of the most high profile and obscure healthcare service clients across the country and beyond.

In recent years these have included the more traditional such as NSW Health, QLD Health, TAS Health, ACT Health, WA Health / WA Country Health, SA Health, NT Health, VIC Health, St Vincents Health, Healthscope and Ramsay Health.

But also the more obscure such as Pitcairn Island, the Department of Home Affairs, the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and The Administrator for the Territory of Norfolk Island.

Doctor Interviews

Get some insights about Doctors working with Blugibbon. For example a Doctor with Ultimate Frisbee skills or Locums in Love on Blugibbon Bites our Doctor Interviews page.

Doctor Feedback

Very supportive. Clearly have good relationships with the hospital. Able to tailor placements and shifts to specific experience and preference. Regularly check in and are readily available to answer questions. Inform of available shifts without being intrusive or aggressively chasing your available (unlike other agencies).

Locum in Emergency Sydney

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Time sheets, tax invoices etc are are on our Doctor resources page.


What do you charge?

Where do you work?

Al of these questions and more are answered on or Doctor FAQ page.