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Why working as a locum doctor in Bunbury is so unique? Where else can you see wild bottlenose dolphins daily causing mischief right on the shoreline?

Bunbury has them aplenty. But also has a well-regarded hospital and a wonderful community known for its welcoming nature.

One of our locum doctors agrees, so much so he returns there so regularly he may as well stay! Dr Nathan, tell us all about your favourite locum location.

Bunburry Locum Location


Bunbury Emergency Department is a reasonably large referral centre for the local. Generally GP run hospitals, with referrals coming from as far south as Augusta, Margaret River, up to Harvey and inland as far as Boyup Brook.

The ED has five resus beds (one of which is a paediatrics bay), six acute beds and four paediatric beds, as well as two mental health rooms and three isolation beds. Add to that a fast-track area for minor presentations (three beds and five rooms). And a ten bed short-stay unit.

The atmosphere is a good one. Helped by being well-staffed with at least six Doctors on both the morning and evening shifts, sometimes more. These are assisted by two Consultants in the morning and evening. Meaning they are present from around 8am to midnight.

Although each day in any ED can be different, the number of presentations doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The rest of the hospital caters for Orthopaedics, General Surgery, O&G, General Medicine, Paediatrics, Urology and ICU, with an occasional Ophthalmology service.

It does have an unusual set up with St John of God Private Hospital onsite. With mainly medical patients heading there if they have appropriate cover. And there is a public and private medical registrar to admit.

Although some of the administration processes can take a long time such as radiology reporting and other paperwork, overall the department is a fantastic place to work, with great management and nurses that keep up morale and can be a lot of fun! This is coupled with an excellent Head of Department that keeps checking in to make sure you have everything you need and have no concerns.


With a nice inlet walk and good beaches around, there is a good feel about the town. The accommodation is fantastic. With full cooking facilities, towels, toiletries provided and washing/drying facilities in your apartments. And you can walk to the main street in town in 15 minutes.

But the absolute gem of Bunbury is the Bunbury Farmers Market, Even Perth people say this! Essentially it’s a supermarket, but a first-class one. With amazing produce and you can get anything and everything you could ever want. We particularly loved the meat and fish.

Coffee is of course an essential part of being a locum doctor, so go to Corners on the Bay cafe or Benesse Bunbury cafe.

The absolute gem of the area however is the Margaret River Wine region, being around 45 minutes to 1 hour from Bunbury. Beautiful scenery, great wine, food and beaches. Arimia Estate, Blind Corner and Brookwood are wineries not to miss and for the foodies Chows Table, Fishbone and Meelup Farmhouse are the way to go.


Bunbury has been ideal for me and my family as a locum doctor. I get to take my wife and baby, the work is challenging but not stressful, facilities are some of the best. Therefore it must be one of your first essential destinations as an ED Registrar!

Here at Blugibbon we understand that 2020 has been a challenge for most locum doctors here in Australia. If you’re interested in doing some Locum work and if you like the sound of Bunbury, Blugibbon will take care of the administration and logistics, get in touch with us today on [email protected] or 02 8960 6445.

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