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At Blugibbon sometimes our relationships come full circle, and this today is the case with the subject of our next “Blugibbon Bites”, the amazing career of Dr Cheryl Martin.

Cheryl had previously worked with our “Head Gibbon” Sam several years ago when she first came to Australia from Scotland, and resurfaced recently when we realised that she was doing some fantastic work including having her own podcast.

Dr Cheryl Martin is a successful doctor and sports specialist

But first, some background on how she became an Emergency Medicine Physician (and FACEM) and ended up in the beautiful town of Noosa.

Cheryl grew up in Glasgow and came to Australia originally to work on the Central Coast of New South Wales, albeit she realised quickly there was an issue with her visa!

Long story short, she eventually rectified this and embarked on her career in emergency medicine, first in Melbourne, Hobart and then Queensland.

Her special interests include sports exercise and lifestyle medicine, being an avid Trail Runner herself and even a Yoga teacher.

Dr Cheryl Martin is also a yoga teacher

Having a broader outlook than just her medical “job”, Cheryl is deeply passionate about physician well being.

Much has been said in recent years about the immense pressures bestowed upon doctors and the detrimental effects on their mental health.

So much so she started an incredible podcast called “The Mind Full Medic Podcast”. The eternal question addressed is “What is good health?”.

The answers to this are deep and at times enlightening, as Cheryl interviews people that have inspired her in her endless quest learning about health.

Dr Cheryl Martin found a good balance between sports and her doctor job

No matter her high-level professional qualifications and love for emergency medicine, the desire to broaden our understanding of the world is always there.

Cheryl reflects regularly to see and feel if things feel right. She firmly believes if it does not, Doctors more than most have a huge opportunity to make a change, travel and work somewhere different and bring a new perspective to another part of the world (at least Australia!).

If there is the perfect combination of a conference, a locum job, a mountain and good food then Cheryl wants to be there!

Dr Cheryl Martin specialist of mental health

We strongly recommend you check our Podcast recommendations for doctors, and of course if you too want to join Blugibbon as a locum FACEM get in touch today at [email protected] or 02 8960 6445.

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