“Recruiting world class doctors across Australia”

The BG Story

Just a few years ago on a balmy, overcast Sunday afternoon BLUGIBBON was conceived. Magic was created far away from it’s now Sydney home, in the Perth suburb of Cottlesloe, Western Australia. With just a pen, hotel notepad and fuelled by a pint of amber nectar, two Englishman from opposite ends of the Motherland scribbled like mad on their pub bar-stools. Despite being at the forefront of their field, fatigue had set in. Tired of monotonous, uninspiring, transactional healthcare recruitment, the vision and freedom that first ignited their careers had vanished.

Deciding that their trusting relationships crafted over years in healthcare were key, Google and Wikipedia were soon bombarded with keyword searches for “life partners”. Scratching off a list of creatures, a Gibbon was chosen – the only monogamous primate. Plus it worked far better than BLUANGELFISH, BLUBARNOWLS or BLUSHINGLEBACKSKINKS. Using the one grade ‘C’ GCSE in Art between them, the boys created the distinctive, smiling blue Gibbon face. Almost a year later BLUGIBBON was born.

Vision statement

‘BG to be known as the number one global healthcare recruitment service provider. We will do this by providing the best opportunities and working with the best doctors in clear friendly communication’

Blugibbon Values

APPROACHABLE – The door is always open to our friendly team

FUN – Boredom is the enemy! Smile, be silly and value every relationship.

TRANSPARENT – Genuine, ethical and clear communication

NIMBLE – Agile business that can adapt to the customer’s needs very quickly.