“Recruiting world class doctors across Australia”

Locum doctors in Australia are more sought after than a COVID vaccine, predominantly in regional and remote towns and cities. But there is a growing need in metropolitan and suburban areas too.

Many doctors have at some stage thrown caution to their traditionally regimented-and-conservative-structure-of-medical-carers wind. And left for parts unknown with an equal amount of wanton trepidation and confidence.

Instead of listing generic sales statements of why you must get out to locum, here are five authentic and realistic ones based on real feedback from Blugibbon doctors.

1. Self-care For Locum Doctor in Australia

The facts show as a Doctor or Doctor-to-be, you are likely to hit a fair amount of internal turbulence.

Some of this can be attributed to feeling burnt-out, unappreciated and effectively-being treated like a human-sized stress-ball in the hands of the Hulk.

Locumming can help you take that break you so sorely need. Work less hours for more pay, and give you mental space to assess what path to take next. And of course rest for extended periods that previously were impossible.

Self care locum doctor in Australia

2. Travel For Locum Doctor in Australia

As you probably learnt in school, Australia is a bloody big place. It is also substantially more diverse and beautiful than most of us appreciate.

Imagine heading off in a custom campervan with just your scrubs and stethoscope. And taking in the sights of The Great Ocean Road, remote communities in the Kimberley, the Great Barrier Reef, the wine country of Margaret River or Cradle Mountain in Tassie.

And with the restrictions and guidelines around international travel, it may just be the best time in history to take advantage.

Locum doctor in Australia travel

3. Money Talks

We have all had those key moments and experiences planned (and not so planned). Buying a house, a decent car that runs, getting married, saving for a long trip, “surprise” tax bills, (ironically) medical procedures and more.

Locumming generally pays more, we estimate around double on average, no surprise there. But what you may find is it can pay even more handsomely for “crisis rates” or last minute adventures, sometimes up to three times your equivalent salaried pay.

4. Experience As a Locum Doctor in Australia

Doing the same role day-in, day-out for years, seeing similar presentations and hitting a ceiling on learning can be satisfying and secure for some. But for others, there is more.

Encountering a snake-bite wound in the Northern Territory, listening to the experiences and challenges of a Aboriginal community or bringing a new perspective to the treatment of chronic disease in a regional town may just add to your skillset as a doctor.

Experience locum doctor

5. Direction

As with self-care, taking a break from what seems like the pre-destined pathway already prescribed to you, could be a sound idea.

Do you really want to continue on that Surgical training pathway? Is your character more suited to a faster-paced speciality? Thought you loved dealing with kids all day everyday and now not so sure?

In summary, taking a year to locum could be a great way to figure out what you really want to do as a doctor.

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